Vacuum is one of the key element for the preservation of anything because of the lack of oxygen. This particular condition without bacterial proliferation and oxidation happens naturally, as the case of anoxic water. We’re talking about freshwater or saltwater without oxygen. There are many elements that influence the condition of anoxic water such as stagnant water, brackish water ponds and also inputs of organic material. Let’s return in the past for a bit. Imagine England at the turn of V and VI century, the legendary Camelot, fortress of King Arthur, surrounded by moorland, as the theatre of many bloody battles for territory where a lot of brave knights lost their lives. Here many fallen soldiers dropped in the rivers nearby, causing both bacterial population growth and the consequent lack of oxygen. That’s exactly the perfect condition to set off the particular issue of anoxic water. One of the most famous stories that takes this natural phenomenon as its starting point is the legend of the Lady of the Lake. She was a beautiful and mysterious young woman who gave to the “future” King Arthur the famous Excalibur sword, of which she was the guardian. What if, between science and myth, Excalibur was just one of the many swords perfectly preserved, without any sign of oxidation, because of anoxic water? The answer, as they say, is yours.