ELEGEN vacuum machines are designed to offer the best performance possible and to obtain the best vacuum. They have unique and advanced features which afford to apply other important functions such as degassing, infusion and marinating and also product maturation. Let’s see them in more detail.


The core of this technique is the physical principle for which the air contained, both in liquid and solid form product, is extracted from them. The product degassing can be done either hot or cold; substantially the two processes are different for temperature and pressure values involved. Boil water at 100°C is a great and simple example of hot degassing; as regards cold degassing, on the other hand, the air is removed from the product using vacuum technology. Infact in absence of atmospheric pressure the gases become much more rarefied, as happens in the cosmic space, leaving the product free even at low temperatures.
Thanks to the technology of ELEGEN chamber vacuum machines (@Clever Line, @Kubo and @Sfera and @Sfera Tech) it is possible to remove the majority of the air contained in the jars, around 99.9%, in order to preserve the product longer, also avoiding oxidation. Food degassing may also performed with ELEGEN external suction machines (@La Massaia and @La Grandispensa); in this case accessories such as vacuum containers and vacuum jar chamber are used. Properly connected to the machine, these accessories guarantee air elimination of around 80-85%.
The degassing process is an excellent ally for the storage of liquid products or in liquid suspension form in jars; products as foods in oil and sauces could be preserved from oxidation, reducing the air in the container.
Finally, it is possible to use this technique not only for liquid food but also on “solid” products such as meat and fish.


Marinating is one of the oldest technique to improve texture and organoleptic properties of food. Today’s marinades are cooking masterpieces made with wine, vinegar, oil, citrus peel and different aromatic herbs to give a bonus to meat, fish, fruit and vegetables taste and smell.
ELEGEN products offer a good help in cooking also in this sense. The ELEGEN vacuum chamber machines (@Clever Line, @Kubo and @Sfera and @Sfera Tech) allow to speed up the marinating process through the use of the vacuum. Opening products pores, thus ensures a better infusion and an excellent absorption of the seasoning. With air elimination, vinegar, lemon, wine or beer penetrate the food with a great speed, merging with their flavors.
A similar argument can be made for the infusion technique. If the products “to be mixed”, also previously degassed, are vacuum-packed, the process is speeded up and enhanced. Thus you’ll have the opportunity to make, for example, an excellent fragrant and full of aroma nuances limoncello in less time than usual.


This word is used to indicate the variable period of time during which the meat, after the slaughter, must rest in appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity to achieve softness, develop flavors and aromas that make it as tasty and delicious as possible.
During this period of time the muscle fibers and tendons relax; in this way meat acquires greater tenderness, a marked taste and a becomes much digestible.
The maturation techniques are essentially two: dry-aging and wet-aging.
The first is, no doubt, the most traditional method. Meat is “hung” for maturation in a refrigerated room for a period of time between 21-28 days, depending on the type of meat. Also for this reason it is called long maturation. There are three essential factors to keep in mind in order to have a good maturation:

  • Temperature: must be constant between 0°C-2°C;
  • Humidity: 75% – 85%;
  • Ventilation system: the air recirculation speed must be within the range 0.5 – 2.5 m/s.

Instead, wet aging is a modern process born with the aim of saving space and time without giving up quality. The animal meat is divided in medium/small size pieces. These pieces are first vacuum-packed in special bags, then placed in refrigeration rooms at a temperature around 0°C-2°C. In this method we don’t need to take care of humidity and air recirculation speed because they are completely replaced by the vacuum effects. Therefore, time is shorter: from 7 to 10 days.


ELEGEN Sfera C UVC is a particular machine. With this vacuum chamber machine of the Sfera Tech line the operator can not only vacuum-pack products, but also reduce the food surface bacteria thanks to its sterilization system using UV rays. This machine, compared with the other vacuum chamber ones available on the market, is much more innovative and ensures a notable extension of the food shelf-life.

Imagine, therefore, to combine the power of sterilization of UV rays with the wet-aging method described above! We might say goodbye to dry, tasteless and stringy meat…